Above and Beyond HR

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•  Anti-Harassment training
•  Respect-in-the-workplace training
•  Teambuilding/communications
•  Performance management training
•  Software training
•  Process training
•  And more!

Performance Management

With over 20 years experience in a variety of business environments (large and small and everything in between), Sigma Integrated Resources know how important it is to have a smooth running team, regardless of the size of your company. Sigma HR advisors can work with you and your managers to establish performance standards and goals, as well as set up structured communication mechanisms so employees know when they are meeting and exceeding expectations.    

Sigma Integrated Resources deals with all performance management procedures within your small to mid-sized company to keep your employees (and your business) on the right track to success.
Handling difficult employer tasks for over 20 years

Confronting troublesome employees can be a difficult task for anyone. Sigma Integrated Resources can step in to deal with problem employees, employee to employee issues, internal affairs, downsizing, layoffs, and business restructurings. Sigma Integrated Resources will help you handle such difficult tasks in a way that is fair, consistent, compliant, and mitigates risk. We can also help you with your communication plan.


•  Payroll administration•  Benefits administration
•  PTO
•  401(k)
•  Policies/processes
•  Employee handbooks
•  Employee recruitment
•  And more!

Turning the Vision of Your Business Into a Reality

With over 20 years of experience in Human Resources, Sigma Integrated Resources knows how to tailor HR programs to the needs of your business.

Perhaps your company is at a stage where you know that you need some professional HR presence, but you're not sure what that should look like for your business. Or, maybe you're a member of a board of a larger public company and are tasked with identifying the right Chief Human Resources Officer and need some guidance on this executive hire.  

Contact Sigma Integrated Resources, and we can discuss your current environment, what the vision is for your company, and the type of resource (or resources) that would be the most ideal for the direction of your organization.    

Strengthen your business with Sigma Integrated Resources

We work as a back office for your small to mid-sized business to help you control the day-to-day tasks of your company and assist you in achieving human resource effectiveness. Focus on your business now, and plan for your future with the help of Sigma Integrated Resources.


•  HR recruitment
•  HR staffing
•  HR systems analysis
•  Auditing
•  Compliance
•  And more!


Comprehensive Back-Office Human Resources Support

Does your small to mid-sized office need assistance in completing day-to-day human resource functions? Sigma Integrated Resources has been providing back-office human resource support for over 20 years and can help you get your office in order.

Our skilled staff can guide you in streamlining processes and provide day-to-day support as if we were an in-house HR team. We’ll also work with any of your valued advisors (benefits brokers, payroll providers, 401(k) advisors, etc.) to ensure that you are getting the best offerings for your business goals.

Let Sigma Integrated Resources handle your HR Administration

Are you overwhelmed with the piles of paperwork that are building up in your office? Too busy with employee inquiries? Need assistance in reporting information to your stakeholders, board members or investors? Sigma Integrated Resources can take care of all of your HR documentation and the day-to-day back-office processes so you can focus more on the business tasks at hand.



Creative Compensation Design

Sigma Integrated Resources is a skilled human resources advisory firm that can help your small to mid-sized business develop cost-effective compensation and benefit programs to reward and retain your valued employees.  

Let our capable staff with over 20 years of experience help you design and manage compensation programs such as pay structures, equity plan design, sales commissions, and short-term incentive bonuses to help you motivate and retain your employees in a compliant and consistent manner.


State and federal labor regulations change constantly. The Affordable Care Act has reporting requirements that differ depending on the number of employees within a company. The Fair Labor Standards Act governs which positions are considered hourly vs. salaried. Our advisors will ensure that your compensation and benefits programs are compliant with applicable legislation.



•  Short & long-term incentives
•  Equity or Equity-like programs
•  Commission programs
•  Retirement vehicles
•  Health benefit program design
•  Short & long-term disability
•  Dental & life Insurance
•  And more!