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Is Your Organization Planning a Sale, Merger or Acquisition?

If your company is considering a sale or is in the process of taking ownership over another company or merging two companies into one, contact Sigma Integrated Resources today for assistance in managing the people aspects and risks of a sale, merger, or acquisition.

The professionals at Sigma Integrated Resources will work with you, your corporate counsel, and your investors to perform detailed due diligence on HR-related issues to ensure that you get a true picture of the business you are acquiring or merging with. If you are planning a sale of your company, we will work with you to clean up any risk factors and get your employee-related issues in order so that you can present the best strategy possible in a sale process.

Once the transaction takes place, Sigma Advisors will work with the management team in communicating the changes to the collective workforce, as well as implementing any restructuring activities, including the alignment of benefit programs, compensation practices, policies/processes, and staff re-alignment.

Determining your true costs

Employees typically represent the largest line item in a cost schedule; they are also often a company’s greatest asset or liability. Once you sign that Letter of Intent, it is important to understand the hidden employee-related costs associated with the merger or acquisition so that you have a clear picture of how these costs impact the go-forward business model. Sigma Integrated Resources can work with your corporate development team to make sure that you consider and quantify all the employee-related risks.


Thorough risk assessments

·       Employee contracts/agreements

·       Compensation programs

·       Workers' compensation claims

·       Outstanding employment claims

·       Severance policies

·       Equity programs

·       Insurance programs

·       DOL compliance

·       Staff/management assessment